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Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2013: Jeff Price


Een heel weekend in Groningen zit er op. Alcohol consumpties waren er in overdaad. Gedurende het Eurosonic/Noorderslag weekend heb ik mijn aantekeningen boekje dicht bij me gehouden. Wat had Jeff Price (ex-Tunecore) te melden in zijn keynote?

Jeff Price

Een paar statements die ik heb neergeklad al luisterend naar een betoog van Jeff Price. Hij benadrukt de zelfredzaamheid van een artiest en komt met scherpe uitspraken.

“The money behind the music industry follows the consumption behavior of music fans. It follows according to the technology infrastructure through which music fans get their music.”

“When car radio’s get wired (Apple, Deezer, Spotify), majors are dead.”

“New ecosystem: let people use the music for their products (i.e. YouTube).”

“You can become a YouTube partner which gives you advertising income. Per 1000 views you will get €0,15 to €1,25. With a YouTube-channel you can get €2,00 to €3,00 per 1000 views. When you get millions of viewers, you can negotiate your own advertising commercials.”

“Long time careers (e.g Led Zepplin) are kinda over. This trend already started in the nineties. I don’t think there will be any boxsets of, let’s say, Bloodhound Gang or Pink.”

“Understand copyrights: that is your living.”

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